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One of the benefits we got from working with Prima Resource is that we are now the master our sales process. Before it was our clients and that has had an enormous difference in the energy and the length of our sales cycle.
Louis Gaudreault,
General manager, Unicor
With Prima, we evaluated all of our manufacturing agents to discover their strengths and weaknesses. [Following this exercise] we decided on a new hybrid sales model using both fulltime Unicel sales reps in the United States as well as new and existing agents.
Jean-François Couturier,
President, Unicel Architectural
We're talking about a 15% increase in sales after our first year of work [with Prima Resource], which is not negligible given we're in the consulting business. And […] we also eradicated the rollercoaster pipeline phenomenon by implementing the system suggested by the Prima Resource experts.
Louis-Michel Mathurin,
Owner, agileDSS
I would recommend Prima Resource to any business that knows they have better sales growth potential than the results they are currently getting as well as to companies who are ready to make changes that aren't always easy to achieve their results.
Ali Mustafa,
Chief Executive Officer, Les Emballages Ralik
My experience as a Director of Sales working with Prima Resource has allowed me to find the right tools and the right way to work with my team to be able to move forward and achieve better results - both on the people site and on the financial results side.
Caroline Paquette,
Director of Sales, Miralis
Working with Prima Resource means working as a team, in partnership. You never feel as though there's a client/provider relationship. One of the elements that set Prima Resource apart is the accompaniment they provide. Instead of coming in, training and being a sporadic consultant, they accompany, and that's the real key to success compared to other firms.
Jean-François Rioux,
Vice President, Sales, Biron
I would recommend Prima Resource to every B2B company regardless of their current sales performance because there's always room for improvement. With Prima Resource, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team, improve your sales process and create what I call predictability of your sales cycle.
Youcef Bouayad,
Vice President of Sales and COO, Perkuto

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