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Developing strong leaders, managers and sales representatives is a powerful growth lever for your company. Set your team on the fast track to reach their full potential with PRIMA's proven sales talent development methods.

Sales Talent Development Services

Competency assessment

Get an in-depth assessment of sales, management and leadership skills prior to starting a targeted and customized development program.

Sales coaching

Through role-playing, simulations, debriefing and our proven coaching method, we develop elite representatives.

Sales Management Coaching

Take sales management from intuitive to intentional and efficient with a practical coaching framework focused on key competencies.

Sales Leadership Coaching

We coach leaders and VPs of Sales to strengthen their strategic skills and their ability to grow their reports.

Strengthening the DNA

Deeply reinforce the unconscious elements that impact the successful execution of any sales role.

Our solutions

Sales force analysis

Easy your strategic sales decisions based on the results of a complete audit or the systems, processes and competencies. Discover the hidden growth potential in your company and the action plan to seize this opportunity.

Competency development plans

Each member of the sales team benefits from a personalized path to develop their sales, sales management, or sales leadership skills through our platform and programs.

Guidance and coaching

Our experts and coaches provide ongoing guidance to your sales team and provide top-level coaching to develop skills through real-life situations.

Sales enablement

Providing contextual help in the sales process and leveraging data to provide in-depth coaching are paramount to improving sales performance.

Impacts of skills development

Reduce the sales cycle duration

Increase closing ratio

Improve opportunity qualification

Enhance the ability to sell value

They trust PRIMA to help them achieve their goals

One benefit we have had from working with PRIMA is that we now control our sales process, before it was the customer, and it makes a huge difference in the energy level and length of the sales cycle.

Louis Gaudreault, [Former] General Manager, Unicor

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