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Compensation, retention, motivation and performance. We help you create the right incentives for the company and the sales team to win.


Common sales compensation issues

A single compensation plan for all

With a customized compensation plan aligned with your company's goals, you’re able to drive retention and profitable growth.

Compensation is capped

If reps are not incentivized to exceed expectations because their additional efforts are not rewarded with adequate compensation, you have a problem.

Compensation is hard to calculate

To get reps to sell, they need to be able to simply calculate how much they will earn in commission if they make a sale.

The compensation plan is not aligned with the right indicators

If sales performance indicators and compensation indicators are not aligned, the company’s leaving money on the table.

Our solutions

Compensation plan analysis

Our process identifies gaps in compensation plans and identifies opportunities to make the company and the sales team win with a more effective compensation structure.

Creation of compensation plans

After the initial analysis, our experts build a new compensation structure that includes different tiers and scenarios. Our optimized plans, which take into account the profitability of sales and motivation, help to raise performance.

Support for the implementation of compensation plans

We guide you through the implementation of your new sales compensation structure with detailed documentation and support to navigate through change.

They trust PRIMA to help them achieve their goals

"We have better allocation of our resources, better qualification because we're working the right way and working on the right opportunities."

Jean-Philip Robitaille, Co-President, Syscomax

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