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Laurentide Controls make big wins with PRIMA

"When COVID hit, so did the recession. Yet, with what we had put in place in sales only a few months before, the sales team continued to generate sales opportunities and bring in business. That's when it hit me and I realized we had made tremendous progress."

Steve Dustin, President of Laurentide Controls

Pinc. collectif double their sales with PRIMA

Pinc. collectif achieves over 75% closing rate

“There was too much fuzziness. I was looking for an angle that was much more professional, comprehensive, with somewhat scientific tools. For us, [working with PRIMA] transformed the whole company. It doubled our sales. We now have a closing rate that is over 75%.”

Sylvain Lessard, President, Pinc. collectif

Biron develops a stronger sales culture with PRIMA

Biron develops a stronger sales culture with PRIMA

“Working with PRIMA means working as a team, in partnership. You never feel as though there's a client/provider relationship. One of the elements that set PRIMA apart is the accompaniment they provide. Instead of coming in, training and being a sporadic consultant, they accompany, and that's the real key to success compared to other firms.”

Jean-François RiouxVice President, Sales, Biron

Syscomax hits goals 2 years ahead of prevision with PRIMA

Work on the right business opportunities to achieve growth objectives

Before working with PRIMA, our sales were uneven, so we had some difficulties to have predictability in our sales. We were wasting a lot of energy in the wrong place. [Now], we have a better deployment, a better qualification because we work the right way, and we work on the right opportunities.”

Jean-Philip RobitailleCo-President, Syscomax

Perkuto creates predictability in sales with PRIMA

Well-structured and easy to implement plan to develop the sales team

“I would recommend PRIMA to every B2B company regardless of their current sales performance because there's always room for improvement. With PRIMA, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team, improve your sales process and create what I call predictability of your sales cycle.”

Youcef BouayadVice President of Sales and COO, Perkuto

Miralis boosts sales with PRIMA

Miralis boosts sales by leveraging sales management training

“My experience as a sales manager with PRIMA is exceptional because it allowed me to find the right ways to work with my team, then to be able to have better outcomes, both in terms of people and results for the company as well.”

Caroline PaquetteSales Manager, Miralis

agileDSS increases sales by 15% with PRIMA

15% increase in revenue for an IT consulting firm with PRIMA

“We're talking about a 15% increase in sales after our first year of work [with PRIMA], which is not negligible given we're in the consulting business. And […] we also eradicated the rollercoaster pipeline phenomenon by implementing the system suggested by the PRIMA experts.”

Louis-Michel Mathurin[Former] Owner, agileDSS 

Ralik hits aggressive growth goals with PRIMA

“I would recommend PRIMA to companies that know they have a greater sales growth potential than the results they achieve, but especially to companies that are willing to make changes that are not always easy to achieve their goals.”

Ali MustafaPresident and CEO, Ralik Packaging

Unicor regains control of its sales cycle with PRIMA

“One of the benefits we got from working with PRIMA is that we are now the master our sales process. Before it was our clients and that has had an enormous difference in the energy and the length of our sales cycle.”

Louis Gaudreault[Former] General Manager, Unicor

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