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Develop the skills of your sales force with our training courses

By updating your sales managers and representatives’ skills, you put your business on track for more sales growth.


Training for your sales team: The magic silver bullet?

Not all types of training are created equal. We deliver trainings that provide concrete results and get you ROI.

Our training courses

Sales training

Our sales training programs are designed to effectively develop critical competencies and skills to succeed in today’s business environment. On top of technical sales competencies, we train on sales DNA and mindset.

Sales Management Training

Increasing the impact of sales managers on the performance of their teams is the primary goal of our sales management training programs. Offer your sales organization world-class management with our programs.

Sales Leadership Training

We will provide you with the tools, strategies, tactics, mindset, knowledge and practice you need to transform your sales force and increase your business revenue and profit.

Recruitment training for sales roles

Recruiting the right players is key to the success of your sales force and your company, which is why implementing a sales-specific recruiting process is necessary. We provide you with our expertise to help you recruit your sales talent in complete autonomy.

Sales skills assessments

Our interventions with an in-depth analysis of your team's skills, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. We then adapt our content to your specific needs.

Customized training courses

Based on individual competency profiles, we develop specific training programs. Each person has their own set of skills, so why provide the same training for everyone?

Coaching and reinforcement

Once the theory is assimilated, it's essential to apply it! That's why we offer a complete coaching service and reinforcement to develop skills and work on the mindset to achieve goals.

We helped them reach their sales goals

“There was too much fuzziness. I was looking for an angle that was much more professional, comprehensive, with somewhat scientific tools. For us, [working with PRIMA] transformed the whole company. It doubled our sales. We now have a closing rate that is over 75%.”

Sylvain Lessard, President, Groupement Services Collectifs

Sales force analysis

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