B2B Sales Process, KPIs and Target Performance

Optimize sales processes and metrics

Implement processes and metrics to eliminate inefficiencies and enable sales teams to close more sales, in a shorter cycle.


Define, test, measure and optimize

Don't be stuck with static sales processes that haven't been able to drive results.

We help you improve critical sales metrics by developing effective sales processes that the entire team can apply.

Common sales process issues

No sales process followed by the whole team

Everybody is selling in their own way, following a very basic process. This lack of standardization robs you of the opportunity to repeat winning behaviors.

The sales cycle gets stretched out

Opportunities are poorly qualified and the sales cycle stretches because your sales processes do not clearly identify the right actions to take at critical moments.

Sales forecasts aren't reliable

You need visibility into future sales and revenue to move forward. Measuring the right metrics is the key to driving forward in the right direction.

The sales pipeline is out of whack

Many deals are stuck in the closing stage and few new opportunities appear at the top of the funnel. We help you change this classic pattern to improve performance.

Our solutions

Develop an optimized sales process

A proven, documented and easily applicable sales process allows repeatable and predictable results. With a customized sales process, you enhance the buying experience and increase sales performance

Identify and implement the right KPIs

Monitoring movement through the sales funnel, conversion ratios, and all performance indicators are critical to measuring sales effectiveness.

Optimize sales management

Train and empower sales managers to drive sales performance thanks to structured sales processes and key metrics.

Develop activity recipes and targets

Starting from the objectives and based on the sales processes, we help you define activity recipes and plans to stay in control of the sales results.

They trust PRIMA to help them achieve their goals

“There was too much fuzziness. I was looking for an angle that was much more professional, comprehensive, with somewhat scientific tools. For us, [working with PRIMA] transformed the whole company. It doubled our sales. We now have a closing rate that is over 75%.”

Sylvain Lessard, President, Groupement Services Collectifs

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