Salespeople recruiting program

Hire the right candidates with our sales-specific recruitment process

Take advantage of the STAR process and PRIMA coaching to recruit sales talent that meets your business needs and goals


Common road blocks to recruit sales talent

Attract enough candidates

Finding the right candidates for your company requires a large pool of candidates. Trust our process to attract talent for any sales position.

Assess specific skills for the position

Identifying key sales or sales management competencies can either be tricky or easy. Choose the easy and proven path with the best-in-class candidate assessment tools.

Recruit internationally to develop markets

To develop new markets, you’ll need to recruit local candidates but you don’t want to go through trial and error. We help you develop your international sales force.

Define the role and competency profile for the positions

Having a rigorous process for defining the role and profile for a sales force position is the first step to successful hiring. We'll help you put your recruitment on the right track.

Integrate new sales team members

Bringing sales team members to their full potential requires a complete integration process. Take advantage of our customized integration processes built by our experts.

Retain top talent

Building a strong sales culture keeps sales talent engaged. Our experts help you align the elements that drive sales performance and retain your best-performing talent.

Our 5-step sales recruitment process

Identify needs and prepare

Before you even officially start recruiting, make sure you have all the elements needed to attract and hire the best candidate for the role.

Attract and source candidates

Put everything in place to attract candidates using a combination of pull (job posting) and push (sourcing) methods, and begin the recruitment process.

Candidate screening and selection

We leverage the power of science to screen candidates, identify relevant competencies, and avoid bias. Then, we conduct the interview process to further identify the best fit with the position and company.

Hiring of candidates

When it’s time to make a formal offer to a candidate, we design that offer as a baseline for expectations from both parties. Our process includes step to present the compensation plan and the overall opportunity. 

New employee onboarding

The success of the recruitment process is directly linked to the quality of the onboarding process. For each new member of your sales team, we provide a customized onboarding process for the initial 90 days and milestones to reach during this period.

Key roles in the sales force

VP of Sales

Ensures sales and business growth through a precise sales strategy and management of the sales managers.

Sales Manager

Sales managers support sales representatives in achieving their sales objectives on a daily basis, through the application of the sales process, coaching, and the monitoring of KPIs.

External Sales Representative

Finding and closing new sales opportunities is the #1 responsibility of external sales. So-called hunters and closers belong in external sales teams.

Inside Sales Representative

Inside sales are responsible for managing more transactional sales either from new or existing customers.

Channel Sales Representative

The responsibility of channel sales is to identify and open new distribution channels, whether through distributors, resellers, agents or retailers.

Need help with your sales recruiting? Let's talk about it!

Add talent to your sales team, systematically

Every person added to your sales force must contribute to creating value. There is no room for trial and error when it comes to achieving your goals. That's why we work with you to recruit the talent you need.

Full recruitment services for sales

Trust us to recruit highly motivated, skilled, and professional sales talent to take on the challenges you offer them.

Sales recruitment process training

Our recruitment process is applicable to any company. We train your team on our recruiting process and tools to enable you to make quality hires, independently.

Onboarding new hires

Successful recruiting also requires a successful integration that leads the new employee to reach his or her full potential fast. Let us help you onboard new talent with our comprehensive and customizable process.

Predictive sales competencies assessment

Our recruiting services are powered by the leading sales assessment tools for all sales roles. With 95% predictability, our assessments take the guesswork out of selecting best candidates.

We helped them recruit new sales talent

"We're talking about a sales increase of about 15% after the first year of training [with PRIMA], which is not insignificant, especially in a consulting environment like ours. And [...] we've been able to stem the tailspin of the pipeline by implementing the system PRIMA's people brought in."

Louis-Michel Mathurin, (Former) CEO, agileDSS

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to fill a sales position?

Depending on the role, the industry, or timing it can take anywhere from 45 to 90 days to recruit for a sales position.

Can you recruit candidates outside of Canada?

Yes, we recruit candidates in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Can you help us source candidates?

As part of our full recruitment services, we can include candidate sourcing as a strategy to attract very specific talent.

Do you provide candidate assessments?

Yes. We believe in the power of sales specific assessments. They are part of our recruiting process to avoid bias, identify hidden competencies, and find the bets candidates for each role.

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