Sales management training

Sales management training

Increase the impact of your Sales Managers with our training programs


What will you get out of sales management training?

Training is an essential building block to transfer knowledge and develop skills and competencies. Combined with coaching and reinforcement, customized training allows sales managers to strengthen their skills and be more successful.

Whatever the level of experience in sales management, our training is tailored to the individual. We create specific paths for each manager based on their skill profile.

By blending the most effective learning methods, PRIMA offers hybrid training programs that deliver concrete results.

Sales Management Training Programs

Global Sales Management Training

Develop the key skills to ensure your sales management is a game-changer for your team. Our sales management training program focuses on coaching, performance management, motivation and mastering the sales process.

Sales coaching training

The biggest impact on sales performance happens when the sales team is coached effectively. Become a master in the art of bringing representatives to their full potential through coaching.

Sales recruitment training

Our recruitment process is applicable to any company. We train your team on our process and tools to enable you to make quality hires, in complete autonomy.

Types of sales management trainings

On-site Training

For kick-off trainings, such as program launches or intensive training, we provide on-site training for optimal in-person interactions.

Virtual Trainings

Delivered live, virtual training is ideal for teams working remotely and allows for a high level of interaction.

Online Training

Our online platform is accessible 24/7 from a computer or mobile device and allows people to do their training at their own pace.

Hybrid Training

Combining virtual, online and on-site training, hybrid training allows each person to get the most out of the training according to their learning preferences.

Public Training

Bringing together professionals from different companies, public trainings provide an unmatched opportunity to share experiences.

Private Training

Reserved for your company's sales teams, these trainings offer the highest level of customization and contextualization to your business context.

Achieving Success and Profitability of Training

Sales Coaching

Once the theory is assimilated, it's essential to apply it! That's why we offer a complete coaching service and reinforcement to develop skills and work on the mindset to achieve goals.


With our online academy, trainings and tools are available 24/7 to continue development at your own pace.

Application and practice

Role-playing, practice sessions, preparation for sales meetings and post-meeting debriefings, our coaches prepare teams to be successful with customers.

Measuring the impact

Behavioral changes lead to the desired outcomes. This is measured with a number of indicators and tools over the course of the program and after 12 months in the progress evaluation.

We helped them achieve their sales goals

"We're talking about a sales increase of about 15% after the first year of training [with PRIMA], which is not insignificant, especially in a consulting environment like ours. And [...] we've been able to stem the tailspin of the pipeline by implementing the system PRIMA’s people brought in."

Louis-Michel Mathurin, (Former) CEO, agileDSS


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