Sales management services for Growth

Services that strengthen your sales game and prepare you to grow your sales force

Hire, onboard, and retain top salespeople, sales managers and VPs of Sales to sustain your growth


Build the foundations of a scalable and extensible sales organization

Build a strong, efficient, growth-ready sales organization that attracts talent with a robust strategy supported by optimized processes.

Your success depends on the development of the individuals in your team

Optimized structure

Predictive recruiting

Effective compensation

Retain top performing talent

Our solutions help you grow your sales force with confidence

Sales structure

Defining the roles, the structure and the resources needed in your sales force are all essential building blocks for growth. Make the structure of your sales team (direct and indirect) a performance lever with our services.

Full recruitment for sales

Trust our experts to recruit new members of your sales force who are highly motivated, competent and ready to take on the challenges you offer them.

Sales recruitment process training

Our recruitment process is applicable to any company. We train your team on our method and tools to enable you to make quality hires, independently.

Sales team compensation

Provide your entire sales team with a customized compensation plan, tailored to their expectations and aligned with company goals to drive the right business and profitable growth

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New hire onboarding

Successful recruiting is also about successful integration that leads the new employee to reach his or her full potential. Let us assist you in the integration of new hires with our comprehensive process.

Common problems in sales

We can't hire the right people

There are many obstacles to recruiting the talent you need: attracting enough quality candidates, objectively assessing skills, or offering the right compensation. We help you get around these obstacles.

It’s difficult to define the roles in the sales team

Identifying the roles and skill profiles associated with each person is a real challenge in any sales force. Building a successful team depends on well-defined and coherent roles.

Compensation creates dissatisfaction

The balance between compensation that motivates sales teams and delivers good profitability for the company is often difficult to achieve without a well-constructed compensation strategy.

Territories are poorly defined

The distribution of territories is a major source of inefficiency in companies, whereas it should be a strategic and performance lever.

The indirect sales network is difficult to manage

There are many distributors and resellers, but only a small number are generating good sales volumes and profits.

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