Sales Recruitment made easy

We have difficulty recruiting sales talent

The conditions for recruiting are difficult, but far from hopeless. With our processes, we are able to attract and recruit high quality sales professionals.


Every hire must create value for the sales department

To build a strong, effective, growth-ready sales department that attracts talent, you need a robust strategy supported by optimized recruiting processes.

Solutions to reach sales targets

Adopt a proven sales recruitment process

Attract and hire sales talent with a specific recruitment process that meets the requirements of these roles. Trust the STAR process.

Assessing key competencies for success

Rely on the validity of candidate assessments to help you select the best candidates.

Optimizing compensation to retain talent

Leverage compensation to create a stimulating and rewarding environment to retain the best salespeople.

Find the right solution to hire your sales talent

Full recruitment services for sales

Trust us to recruit highly motivated, skilled, and professional sales talent to take on the challenges you offer them.

Sales recruitment process training

Our recruitment process is applicable to any company. We train your team on our recruiting process and tools to enable you to make quality hires, independently.

Onboarding new hires

Successful recruiting also requires a successful integration that leads the new employee to reach his or her full potential fast. Let us help you onboard new talent with our comprehensive and customizable process.

Predictive sales competencies assessment

Our recruiting services are powered by the leading sales assessment tools for all sales roles. With 95% predictability, our assessments take the guesswork out of selecting best candidates.

Optimized compensation

With a customized compensation plan aligned with your company's goals, you’re able to drive retention and profitable growth.

Get an analysis of your sales force

Grow your business with the best talent