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Miralis boosts sales with PRIMA

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Miralis has been manufacturing high-end kitchens for 45 years. The company's reputation has been built on a mix of avant-garde vision and unmatched craftsmanship. Their innovation culture and expertise have earned the company a place on both Canadian and international stages.

“My experience as a sales manager with PRIMA is exceptional because it allowed me to find the right tools, to find the right ways to work with my team. It allowed me to evolve, even as a human being, to grow and make real progress, not just qualitatively but quantitatively, really from both angles.”

Caroline Paquette, Sales Manager, Miralis

Services that changed the game


Sales Force Analysis

Identify the growth opportunity and action plan to develop the team, optimize processes and close sales performance gaps.


Sales Process & KPIs

Implement processes and metrics to eliminate inefficiencies and enable sales teams to close more sales, in a shorter cycle.



Keep teams trained on best sales and management practices with concrete and applicable training that is continually upgraded.


Sales Talent Development

Ensure the impact of learning by supporting your sales team with coaching, ongoing development programs and constant measurement of results.


Sales Recruting

Hire top-performing talent through a comprehensive, sales-specific recruiting process.

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