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Roles and responsibilities of a channel sales representative

Expand the distribution network

The channel sales representative must maintain a funnel full of new opportunities through their prospecting and business development efforts.

Manage partner relationships

A channel sales manager will be responsible for starting and maintaining partner relationships with distributors, resellers and other channel partners.

Selling value

Rather than selling on price, a value-based sales process allows you to better position your product or service, resulting in higher profit margins.

Coach the dealer network

The channel sales representative coaches, trains and supports the distributors in his network to improve their performance.

Find the right solution to recruit the ideal candidate

Predictive sales assessment

Use science to get the best candidates in front of you. Objective, specific competency assessment for sales enables candidate selection that predicts success.

Full recruitment by our experts

Recruit your Sales Representatives without the time investment and with the peace of mind of relying on our expertise. We do the heavy lifting; you stay focused on your business.

Sales recruitment process implementation

Our recruitment process is applicable to any company. We train your team on our process and tools to enable you to make quality hires, in complete autonomy.

Common issues in recruiting sales talent

Attract enough candidates

Finding the right candidates for your company requires a large candidate pool. Trust our process to attract talent for any sales position.

Properly assess the skills for the position

Identifying key sales management skills in each candidate becomes a no-brainer with our scientific sales management skills assessment.

Recruit on international markets

To develop your markets locally, you will need to recruit local candidates with specific profiles. We help you develop your international sales force.

Define the profile for sales positions

Having a solid process to define the role and profile for a sales position is your first step to a successful hire. We'll help you get your recruitment on the right track.

New sales hire onboarding

Bringing sales team members to their full potential requires a well-rounded integration process. Take advantage of our customized integration processes built by our experts.

Retain top sales talent

Building a strong sales culture keeps sales talent engaged. Our experts help you align the cultural elements to make it happen.

We helped them recruit new talent

"It's very difficult to measure a candidate's sales skills on paper with the resume and in an interview. [With PRIMA's process] when we interviewed people, I found the quality of the candidates was truly interesting."

Éric St-Laurent, VP of Sales & Technology, Merkur

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