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To increase the efficiency of your sales force

Whatever the obstacle to achieving your objectives, we propose solutions that will challenge, stimulate, and impact your company in the long term.

Whatever got you this far will not take you to the next level.

We help you identify your company's true potential, create a plan that helps you get there, and track your growth and achievements at each stage of the process.

Most common sales organization issues

We’re not reaching our sales targets

The sales team struggles to get enough opportunities in the pipeline, the closing rate is average and the sales cycle is too long, so reaching the goals becomes a major challenge.

Our sales forecasts are not reliable

You need visibility into future sales and revenue to move forward. Measuring the right metrics is the key to moving in the right direction.

Our margins are shrinking

Making profitable sales is the #1 goal of the sales department and that means being able to sell value. Optimize your processes and develop key consultative selling skills.

We don't know why we’re losing opportunities

With a robust sales process and the technology to track every opportunity, you'll quickly know where the roadblocks are in execution.

Discover hidden revenue and profit potential with our Sales Force Analysis

Current sales processes audit

Sales pipeline quality assessment

Sales, management, and leadership skills evaluation

Calculation of the growth opportunity

Step Sales Force Analysis Process

Set up and configuration

Sales team announcement preparation
Collect information on sales team members
Questionnaires configuration

Sales Force Analysis launch

Announcement to the sales team
Sending out questionnaires

Data collection

Sales team members complete the questionnaires assigned to them according to their role

Data analysis

Analysis of individual questionnaires
Evaluation of existing processes and indicators
Complete analysis and consolidation of results for the sales force

Preparation of the analysis report

Individual reports for each team member
Consolidated Performance and Efficiency Analysis Report
Executive summary

Report presentation

Key insights from the analysis
Explain the sales growth opportunity
Present the action plan to reach full potential

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