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People: the engine of individual, team, and corporate success

How can we improve sales force productivity?

People: the
engine of
individual,team, and corporate success


Sales Force Evaluation

You know your business and sales team better than anyone, but do you know them so well you can’t be objective?

Gain an unfailing understanding of your sales organisation to overcome your growth challenges.

Sales Team Analysis

Evaluate more than 200 elements in one analysis to predict success and determine potential. Finally, you’ll have the answers to all your questions regarding your sales team, and more!

  • Sales DNA
  • Key sales competencies
  • Sales quotient
  • Will to sell
  • Motivation profiles

Measure the Impact of Sales Management

Sales management is the critical link between your strategy and sales results. Find out if it fills its vital role in your business.

  • Sales management skill level
  • Sales management efficiency level
  • Key sales management activities
  • Management processes

Opportunity for Growth

Find hidden revenue potential available to your team and stop leaving money on the table.

  • Sales revenue potential
  • Timeline to reach growth opportunity
  • Hidden risks analysis
« We had evaluations done in the past, but none were at the level of Prima Resource's. They really got to the bottom of problems and identified the sales DNA, resistance, commitment, ability to coach or to be coached - they really give a lot of information! »

Harold Belanger, vice-president, Miralis


Sales Training and Enablement

Are your sales results showing that your traditional sales techniques are not aligned with the reality of today's decision makers?

By updating your reps’ skill set, you make sure they are executing your strategies efficiently and meeting yourgrowth targets.

Sales Training and Certifications

Not all types of training have the same value, so focus on those that give concrete results and gives you ROI.

  • Blended learning programs
  • Custom training based on each person’s specific needs
  • Supervisor implication

Sales Coaching

Coaching is the necessary bridge between theory and practice. It’s vital to your team’s success.

  • Individual and group coaching
  • Simulation exercises adapted to each company
  • Combined work on skill sets and sales DNA

Sales Recruiting

Has your confidence been undermined by costly sales hiring mistakes?

Today, by following the right process, it is possible for all types of companies, even SMB’s, to recruit elite candidates.

STAR Recruitment Process

Fill your positions without investing time and effort. We do the gruelling work while you focus on your company.

  • Ideal candidate profile
  • Specific recruiting method for sales positions
  • A dedicated expert takes care of the entire recruitment process

Sales Recruiting Certification (STAR)

We want all executives to have confidence in their hiring decisions, just like us! Get STAR certified.

  • Complete courses on our methodology
  • We give you tools to succeed in the recruitment process
  • Coaching and support

Candidate Assessments

Use science to filter the best candidates at the start of the process, so you can focus on fit later on.

  • Sales-specific candidate assessments
  • 95% predictive validity
  • 100% adapted to your criteria

«  We found the methodology gave very good results. [Prima Resource] took care of everything and in the end, had two very strong final candidates for us. We met both of them and then made our choice. If we compare this experience with the recruitments we conducted on our own and made hiring mistakes, this was a huge advantage. »

Jean-François Turcotte, CEO, Filtrartech


Sales Team Motivation

Tired of trying to come up with lasting solutions to motivate the sales team? Nothing’s working?

Complete Motivation Profiles

Forget about sales contests and incentives. Discover how to motivate each member of the sales force to keep them performing.

  • Individual analysis of motivational factors
  • Use of motivational profiles to manage the team

Personal and Sales Goals Alignement Programs

Salespeople can’t be motivated to reach your quota if they don’t see a personal benefit. Align their personal goals with your organisation’s goals.

  • Goal setting process
  • Personalised management approach

Your growth targets are ambitious, but do you have sales challenges that might prevent you from achieving them?

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