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    Revenue growth - Prima Resource The Science of Sales

    Founded in 2007 by Frederic Lucas, Prima Resource has helped more than 200 businesses solve their sales performance and efficiency issues. Our scientific approach to sales enables us to help business owners renew with solid and consistent growth. We act on the three axes of sales excellence: people, structure, and execution.


    Every day, we base our actions on the principles we value most.


    • Relentless pursuit of our success and that of our clients
    • Act with courage and determination in every situation
    • Overcome our own limitation and persevere


    • Take the time to listen, share and communicate
    • Evaluate counter-intuitive options and questions
    • Show humility and authenticity

    Pursuit of Excellence

    • Nurture each individual’s desire to grow
    • Never accept the status quo. Constantly seek to improve people and results
    • Leverage our varied expertise to transform sales cultures


    • Adapt to the reality of each situation (contextual intelligence)
    • Think and act from a practical and concrete point of view

    Our Experts

    Prima Resource counts on a team of senior experts with complementary skills devoted to getting the best results to guarantee your success.


    CEO, Sales Performance Expert
    SUIVRE Frederic

    “Although I studied engineering, I knew from the start that I would never work on the technical side but rather in the sales side of things. I was encouraged by several in my surroundings to pursue this goal; they saw this was an excellent way to achieve my ambitions.

    Far from attaining my objectives, my first experiences as a representative consisted of bad results and frustration. I did not have all the necessary tools, support, and training to face sales challenges. I knew there had to be a better way. I realized this when I attended a training program offered by my second employer, and I started to devour sales and management books to immerse myself in alternative approaches.

    I thought that with my reading and my willingness to start over, I was going to obtain brilliant results. But looking back, I know now that I had bought into magical thoughts, and when I speak with leaders who think a book will transform their sales organization, I see myself as I was back then.

    In any case, I had decided to go into sales, and the one thing that really motivated me was the knowledge that I had the potential to succeed well in sales, but that my employers did not see it. I knew my situation was not unique, and I developed my vision consequently to help company directors and sales team leaders achieve their full potential. Potential is the starting point, and quite a journey awaits to reach it!

    After more than ten years helping hundreds of directors, executives, and representatives, every day makes me realize how strongly these people are willing to surpass themselves, and that is what drives me in pursuing my development so I may, in turn, help more and more people.”


    Sales Performance Expert
    SUIVRE Louis

    Today, I am exactly where I need to be. I now have an impact on more people than at any other time in my life because, at Prima Resource, I help teams at multiple companies over an extended period. To see these people's progression and evolution within their organisations - that's what I was missing.

    Initially, I went into sales as a way to finance my education, but I should say that sales picked me. I started selling door-to-door and was quickly successfulDespite this promising start, I was not always successful, but that did not change my career path. I believed in my approach centered around individual problem-solving and continued to train.

    A few key people had a significant impact on my career and gave me a chance. I learned that when you put in the effort, you get results. I also became gradually aware of the impact I could have by coaching salespeople myself to help them improve professionally and personally. I’ve seen people go from being discouraged and wanting to give up the profession to become top sales performers. I’ve also seen successful people become unbeatable.

    The key is in surpassing oneself.

    I always try to ask myself, “Do people find me inspiring?” Not only the people closest to me, but also everyone I meet, help, and coach. The day I’ll answer ‘no’ is the day I’ll have to strongly question myself. For now, I focus on the infectious positive attitude of the sales teams and company directors I coach thanks to my implication in the Réseau M."

    Louis helps Prima Resource's clients:

    • Understand the causes of sales, performance, and growth problems
    • Put in action key success factors affecting individuals, structure, and execution
    • Increase sales and profits and contribute to each person’s growth
    • Lead people (company directors, executives, and salespeople) to success and give them the tools to surpass themselves.

    Jonathan Lucas

    Sales Growth Expert
    SUIVRE Jonathan Lucas

    "My entrepreneurial spirit developed very early on. I made an offer to acquire the first company I worked for. This process has allowed me to surround myself with key people for business valuation and purchase. Although my offer was not accepted, I confirmed my interest in finance and business management.

    By combining my passion for sports and entrepreneurship, I launched my company to distribute high-end ski equipment. Company that I then sold to take shares in another company that this time manufactured a convenience product.

    The combination of these experiences made me want to join Prima Ressource to help other business leaders in their growth, resale and acquisition challenges."

    Eric Dionne

    Sales Performance Expert
    SUIVRE Eric Dionne

    "I help business leaders who want to generate more profitable sales. I am passionate about the latest trends and conditions that are shaping the sales landscape. As a trusted advisor, I am involved in helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. I have an integrated approach to where companies need help, to build on their current situation and get to where they want to go.

    I use a proven scientific approach based on human behaviour to evaluate sales forces, develop strategies and develop skills."

    Emeline Gleitz

    Head of Marketing
    SUIVRE Emeline Gleitz

    Jade Soucy

    Marketing Assistant
    SUIVRE Jade Soucy

    Ann-Karine Hubert

    Administrative Assistant
    SUIVRE Ann-Karine Hubert

    Partners and Certifications

    Part of Prima Resource’s recipe for accelerating your growth is working with an exceptional network of partners. Thank you to our partners who have placed their confidence in us.

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