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Sales, management and leadership positions

Are you looking for new challenges in sales, sales management or sales leadership? Take a look at the offers available from PRIMA customers.


Benefits of working for PRIMA customers

Inclusive recruitment process

At PRIMA, recruitment is based on an inclusive process that is not not based on CV selection, but on competency according to the profiles sought after.

Integration and coaching plan

As part of the recruitment process, you will undergo a competency assessment. which will be given to you after hiring and will enable your manager to training and coaching to reach your full potential.

Sales team development

When you apply for a position with one of our customers, you can be sure that that your future employer is investing in the development of sales teams and provides an environment conducive to your success.

Development programs

Once you've been hired, you'll join the PRIMA programs in which your employer participates. This ensures that you will continue your professional development to help you achieve your personal goals.