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Organizational structure of sales department

Structure: the
central pillar
of organised
sales growth


Sales Structure

Do you have a hard time defining the roles, structure, and size of your direct and indirect sales force?

The entire structure of your sales organisation must contribute to the company’s growth.

Sales Force Structure

Are you not able to implement a simple team structure that will allow you to best serve your different markets? We help you determine the best size and architecture for your sales force.

  • Evaluation of real sales team structural needs
  • Implementation of solid and efficient sales structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of each member of the sales team

Sales Territory Mapping

Dividing sales territories along geographic lines is often favoured. But is it really what's best for your business?

  • Criteria selection for defining territories
  • Distribution of territories based on the sales force structure

Sales Process and CRM

Sales is continually changing. Are you finding it harder to increase sales consistently?

Solid pillars in the sales infrastructure do most of the work. Afterwards, the only thing left to do is to optimize as needed.

Designing the Sales Processes

An efficient sales process is your team’s best ally to win sales systematically.

  • Custom processes for external, internal, direct, and indirect sales
  • Processes based on our consultative selling approach

CRM Integration

Has a CRM ever failed you and, as a result, you decided not to use it anymore? If you are giving more information to your CRM than it is giving you, then there is a problem! We help you get your CRM to work for you, and not the other way around.

  • Sales process implementation
  • Sales opportunities analysis
  • Leverage the CRM as a sales enablement and coaching tool

Goals and Sales Indicators

Do you have consistent doubt about your sales performance? Following your KPIs gives you cold sweats?

Carry less weight on your shoulders thanks to a structure that gives you better visibility and allows you to be proactive insead of reactive.

Sales Goals Programs

Do you go through the same ordeal every year to define sales objectives, then end up revising them during the year or just not meeting them? Start off on the right foot every year!

  • Predictive method for setting quotas
  • Specific criteria for realistic sales goals
  • Activity recipe to follow and meet your objectives

Sales Indicator Structure (KPIs)

You can't get actionable data out of your key indicators? We help you follow the right indicators and make better decisions.

  • Aligning KPIs with objectives
  • Tools and structure to follow sales indicators

Sales Team Compensation

Are you having trouble attracting people to your sales team, then motivating, and retaining them? Compensation, if well understood, can impact these three elements. We help you make compensation an asset.

Compensation Efficiency Analysis

Compensation must drive the right actions to meet goals. Misalignments can lead you off course.

  • Profit and loss analysis
  • Sales compensation survey

Sales Compensation Plans Design

The "one-size-fits-all" approach of compensation has its limits and also curbs performance. Step out of the box and rely on the science of sales compensation.

  • Building packages that offer members of the sales eam a choice
  • Simulation of the impact of the different compensation plans on the business
  • Alignment with the company’s key indicators
  • Deployment of the compensation plans

Your growth targets are ambitious, but do you have sales challenges that might prevent you from achieving them?

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