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Onboarding for new sales team members

Turn every hire into a success with a specific onboarding plan for sales representatives and managers


Put every new sales professional on the fast track to sales performance

Accelerate the onboarding curve and the achievement of full potential for new sales representatives and managers with robust onboarding programs focused on key sales and management success factors.

Common problems in onboarding processes

Technical onboarding prevails over sales onboarding

Product or service training tends to dominate the onboarding plan, while training on markets, customers, sales processes, sales tools and sales software should come first.

Assume no sales training is required

By assuming that salespeople know how to sell and managers know how to manage, companies neglect to provide appropriate training for the sales and sales management processes in place in the company.

Underestimate the length of the onboarding period

Even for sales professionals with several years of experience, you need to allow sufficient time for onboarding to observe the learning curve and measure results.

Our solutions

Custom onboarding plans

Following the STAR recruitment process, our experts build integration plans that allow new hires to quickly perform in their sales, management or sales leadership roles.

Custom development plans

Each new sales team member benefits from a personalized sales, sales management or sales leadership development path through our platform and programs.

Sales enablement

Through our sales enablement platform, sales representatives are guided to improve their results and Sales Managers benefit from an advanced coaching tool. With technology, integration is faster, more convenient and more efficient.

Guidance and coaching

Our experts and coaches provide ongoing guidance to your sales team and provide top-level coaching to develop skills through real-life situations.

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