Frédéric Lucas

President and sales growth expert

Even though I studied engineering, I knew from the start that I would never work on the technical side, but rather in sales. I was encouraged in this direction by several people around me who saw this profession as a good way to achieve my ambitions.

Far from reaching my goals, my first experiences as a sales representative were mostly synonymous of poor performance and frustration! I was ill-equipped to face the challenges of sales, with little support and little training, and I told myself that there had to be a better way! I did indeed get the idea when I attended a training program offered by my second employer and started devouring sales and management books to learn about alternative approaches.

Of course, I thought that with my reading and my desire to change everything, I was going to achieve spectacular results. Looking back, I know that I got caught up in magical thinking, and when I talk to some managers who think that a book will transform their sales organization, I think back several years.

Anyway, my decision to go into business was made and one of the things that really pushed me was perceiving that I had the potential to be very successful at selling, but that my employers didn't see it. I knew this was not unique and I developed my vision around that to help business owners and sales teams reach their full potential.

In my opinion, potential is the starting point and there is a whole journey to get there!

After more than 15 years of helping hundreds of leaders, executives and sales representatives, every day I still see how strong the will to surpass themselves is in these individuals, and this is what drives me to continue my own development to help more and more people.

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