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Turning business strategy into concrete and predictable sales results

Effective sales coaching

turning business
into concrete and
predictable sales


Sales Management

The skills and competencies required to lead and manage a sales team are getting more complicated by the hour: do your sales managers have what it take?

Give your sales managers the keys to developing their teams’ success, theirs, and yours.

Sales Management Enablement and Certifications

Sales management is often learned on-the-job with few resource but, sales managers should be catalysts for sales growth. Give your sales force the chance to strive with fertile sales management.

  • Extensive sales leadership enablement programs
  • On-going sales management support

Sales Management Tools

Sales leaders often lack tools they can leverage to help their sales force. Provide them the right accessories so they can focus on profitable tasks.

  • Implementation of validated sales management efficiency tools
  • Broad and thorough support of all sales managers’ responsibilities

Sales Messaging

Many businesses miss out on their full market potential, is it your case?

The most significant business opportunities are often found in precise market segments, if you have the right sales message.

Market Targeting and Ideal Client Profiling

Do you see a couple of market segments driving your profit margin up and compensating for low profitability markets? Stop depriving your business of the opportunity to sell at full value on more markets.

  • Market segmentation methodology
  • Analysis of high-value and high-potential customer profiles

Unique Positioning Message Approach

It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression. Make sure your sales reps stand out with just one sentence.

  • Customized and unique sales messages
  • Large-scale roll-out of positioning and sales messages to the whole sales team to build a shared language

Sales Management and Sales Coaching

Practice and continuous improvement lead to mastery. Just like athletes, your sales team needs coaching to reach increasingly ambitious goals.

Extensive Coaching Method

Performance is the result of a combination of factors linked to competency and mindset. Grow your team’s full potential with our unique coaching approach.

  • Sales DNA and sales management coaching
  • Specific sales process coaching
  • Coaching on hard and soft skills

Group and Individual Coaching Programs

The best place to practice selling isn’t when you’re facing a prospect. Give your sales team the opportunity to train in a safe environment and be more successful in the field.

  • Fully contextualized coaching approach for your industry and customer profiles
  • Implementation of sales best practices and feedback

Sales Pipeline

Do you see your sales force alternate between acute prospecting phases to fill the pipeline and desperate closing efforts at the end of quarters?

Without greater consistency in their efforts, your salespeople are going to exhaust themselves and you’ll miss your growth targets.

Healthy Sales Pipeline Management

The sales funnel is the lifeline of your business growth. Put all the chances on your side for it to guide you and your team to predictable and steady growth.

  • Sales pipeline restaging method
  • Sales funnel reviews

Sales Forecasting

Keeping a clear and constant view of sales opportunities gives you critical insights to guide your big decisions. Use the accuracy of your sales forecasts to get ahead of your competition with bold resolutions.

  • Accountability for constant pipeline updates
  • Selective sales opportunities disqualification approach
  • Predictable sales closing probabilities

Your growth targets are ambitious, but do you have sales challenges that might prevent you from achieving them?

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