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How to Lead Your Team to Meet Their Sales Targets


Published by : Louis G. Larochelle




Many factors influence a salesperson’s success in closing a sale. There’s a high level of adversity in sales, and at the end of the day, the decision to close remains with the buyer. No matter how well they execute the sales process, sales reps have no direct control over sales results.


Therefore, when a salesperson loses a sale, it’s important they remain confident and motivated. The best way to do that is to establish clear personal objectives.


It’s crucial for sales managers to know what these individual objectives are to motivate their sales teams. 

Establish a Personal Annual Goals

Sales managers must ensure their sales team establishes annual personal goals at the beginning of the year and keeps it top of mind all year long. Each rep will have a different motivation, and it’s important to define what it is, as it will be a driving force for the entire year.


Why are they getting up in the morning, what’s driving them? This rep wants to redo their kitchen, another wants to buy a new car, or go on a trip. Another’s personal objectives might be driven by success. They aim to break sales records, to be the top seller - not only on their team but the whole industry as well.


Set Realistic Annual Targets

Your duty as their manager is to ensure that their target is attainable and not merely based on the previous year’s economic context. It must take into account today’s market and its maturity as well as the actual economic situation.


Some factors to consider:

  • Does this rep have a high value of recurring business?
  • Do they need to hunt for new clients to obtain new revenue?
  • Is the economy different from the year before, or will there be a drop in the market? 

Break down Annual Targets to Enforce Sales Recipes

Once an annual target is set, break it down into quarterly, or even monthly objectives. Assist your sales reps to implement an effective sales recipe:

  • Is their sales recipe fit for their particular situation?
  • Are they making weekly calls and follow-ups?
  • Are they visiting current clients?
  • Are they prospecting for new clients?
  • Are their sales funnel full? 

Match Targets with Personal Goals

Meet with each salesperson at least once a week to discuss the progress they have made towards reaching their personal objective and relate them back to their sales targets. Go through their funnel with them:

  • There’s a huge risk of failure if the funnel isn’t full enough! Coach them daily and to use every opportunity for them to improve on their skills.
  • Ensure each rep stays committed to their recipe by holding them accountable for their results.
  • If they aren't following their recipe, remind them that if they don’t put in the required amount of effort, they won’t reach their goal.

To Remember

A good sales manager must understand that success in sales relies less on a rep's desire to achieve sales targets and more on their desire to reach their personal goal.


As the sales manager, you must establish, enforce, and assist! If you perform these tasks on a regular basis, it becomes almost impossible for your sales team not to reach their goals.


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Louis G. Larochelle

With Prima Resource since 2017, Louis helps our clients with his sales leadership and mentoring experience. He is driven by a constant need to grow whcih allows him to intervene with precision on the key success factors of individuals as well the sales structure and execution.



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